Tricia Cerrone

Authentic Collaboration Co-Lead

Courage and collaboration are hallmarks of Tricia’s global leadership experience, whether she is leading a project, innovating new designs, or overseeing a portfolio of work. Tricia has a keen eye for talent and more than 20 years on the business and production side of designing and delivering technically challenging projects at Disney and other Fortune 500 companies. Tricia is adept at inspiring and motivating teams toward successful outcomes while advancing careers and developing new leaders.

Edward J. van Luinen, Ed.D

Authentic Collaboration Co-Lead

For over 20 years, Edward has been a talent champion of teams worldwide, including at Disney, Sony, and Heineken. He led teams through transformational global-regional-local restructuring, successfully implemented mergers and acquisitions, and introduced new software, learning systems, and leadership strategies. Edward’s collaboration motto is “advance a team member when you advance yourself.” He has worked in Africa, Europe, and North America. Edward collaborates in both French and English.


Tricia & Edward’s Thought Leadership

Tricia’s background (as a creative and innovation leader at Walt Disney Imagineering) and Edward’s background (as a human resource and strategy expert at Fortune 500 companies) make us a uniquely paired team, evidenced by our collaborative work at Walt Disney Imagineering.

Here, the tactics and learnings of both our global careers collided in the most positive way, allowing us to articulate and design a strategy for working that solves the issues leaders have been struggling with for decades. These include energy and engagement at work, onboarding, developing talent, coaching, leadership development, an environment for innovation to thrive, project efficiencies, better communication, stronger community, personal and professional branding, a global mindset, skills for working remotely, and yes—a better bottom line, because if you don’t do that, the rest won’t matter.

We are not theorizing about leadership. We have lived it and honed it through mistakes and successes, recessions and organizational changes, surviving saboteurs and gaining champions, and continually growing techniques and knowledge, and testing them further.

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