Authentic Collaboration Workshops

Authentic Collaboration workshops are an experience and roadmap for a new way of working. Honed at Disney and other companies, the principles and tools in our high-energy, interactive workshops deliver on the mindset, behaviors, techniques and strategies that leaders need to transform themselves, their teams and their workplace.

We will come to you when leading workshops, which makes it easy for teams and company leaders to learn and grow together.

In July 2021, Business Insider reported “95% of workers are thinking about quitting their jobs – burnout is the number one reason.” Radical change is required to reinvigorate a passion for work and develop stronger communities of trust, fun, and expertise at work.

Authentic Collaboration teaches you how to be the leader everyone wants to work for and with. Your team will be the ones who say, “I love my job!” They will be solving-problems so you don’t have to. And you will be the leader coaching, strategizing and visioning the next steps and opportunities for you and the company.

A great leader today is both a talent leader and a business leader. With Authentic Collaboration, you are both with ease.

Leaders and teams who complete the workshops will understand and experience the following:

  1. How to be leaders and teammates that inspire, motivate, and create unstoppable energy
  2. The key behaviors and how to practice them and develop them individually and on teams
  3. An initial roadmap to launch these changes when you return to work
  4. Tools to solve numerous talent and process challenges: better work efficiencies, faster problem solving, positive team energy, and more

We are confident we can help you grow, transform, and/or turnaround your business. The time to act is now. Join us.