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We would like to give you an opportunity to take advantage of our personal coaching at a one-time discounted offer.

Do you ever listen to the news, your colleagues, your friends, and think, “Wow? We really need to come together.”

Maybe you feel like there has to be a better, easier, more effective way to work? Are you stuck with a difficult leader or an unresponsive team? Or do you just feel like you could do better if you had the time to figure it all out?

This is why we teach, coach, and give workshops on Authentic Collaboration and leadership.

The truth is, there is no special leader, CEO, president, prime minister, or preacher who can save you, us, or the situation we are in. But it can be changed—starting with you.

We know the feeling of…There’s not enough time in the day, everyone needs help, and then you’re asked to execute one more thing, put out one more fire, or come up with one more plan.

What if things could be different?

Imagine feeling in control, balanced, respected, confident of the answers, and being the go-to leader who always inspires?

Wouldn’t you like to develop your team to manage and solve problems without you and bring innovative ideas to you instead of just challenges and obstacles?

Maybe you’d even like to see some smiles on their faces when they leave a meeting or show up in the morning excited to start work.

We want that too!

That’s why we offer individual coaching.

Coaching allows for both immediate solutions and long-term growth. You acquire tangible tools and techniques to apply that day and learn to consistently develop the behaviors that support a successful leadership mindset and role.

Whether you are working globally, locally, or are in a growth phase of your career, you don’t need to figure it out on your own. We can help strengthen your leadership skills immediately.

Our coaching rates are $350 an hour. As an introduction, we are offering two one-hour coaching sessions for $200 to focus on anything you are struggling with in your role, from vision to execution, developing charisma to motivating teams, leading collaboration to developing your people, and more.

Why do we do this? We know once you start learning faster and seeing the results, you’ll want us to lead a workshop for your team, and you’ll want to continue coaching. More importantly, you’ll want to be part of the movement to change how we all work and bring passion, innovation, and energy to our daily lives and the lives of our people.

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Do you really want to keep doing the same thing over and over with the same results? You can change your trajectory now. Why wait for another crisis? Level up and get ahead of the game and the competition. Level up and gain peace, calm, passion, and energy for what you do.

Sign Up For 2 Coaching Classes


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